Provence at Firewheel News

Fence Requirements


With in the ACC Guideline you can find the HOA Fence Requirements.

With in the Fence Reqirements you can find all approved Stain Colors.

All stain colors must be transparent and in the brown family.

Roof Replacement


Roof Replacement, the HOA only has 2 approved colors (Weather Wood & Oxford Gray) details are in the ACC Guidelines

Additional colors can be requested through the ACC Change Request.


If you have any questions please email the ACC or reference the DCCRs for the HOA that can also be found on our website, under "HOA Information / Deed Restrictions".


Street Parking


Per HOA Deed Restrictions it is not permissible a homeonwer owner or person living in the neighborhood to park a vehicle in the street. Street parking is for temporary visitor parking only.

Please refer to the 2nd Amendment of the DCCR for additional details.

All vehicles should be parked overnight in the garage and or driveway.